Thursday, January 4, 2007


To celebrate the underwhelming success of the first Beer Blokes’ Lager - we’re keeping a lid on the hype - the lab has given us permission to let rip on a second round of brewing. That is to say that Mrs Pilsner has said we can use the laundry again as long as I keep it clean and that we have amassed enough empties over the Christmas/New Year break to take the batch. Or batches. We might lash out and brew back to back to back this time to build up our stores for the winter. Any excuse, really.
Dr. Lager is letting his scientific heritage lead us into the next phase of our brew history. His father, Dr Lager Snr, was something of an emminent white-coat in his professional life and some of this analytical, empirical-data led, laboratory-control type of thinking is obviously inherited as he has convinced us to brew another batch of the first brew - The Thomas Coopers’ Heritage Lager - with slight, recordable differences in the production phase so that we can accurately monitor the improvements this will bring to the beer. Sounds a bit wine-guy, doesn’t it? But no, I know that this will give us more tools to do the job of brewing consistently good beer. It also enables us the expertise and confidence to create beer. Hmmm. Besides, another well known and respected sciencey guy from history was also one of the new worlds' first beer blokes.

So, off to the homebrew shop and the adventure continues.

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