Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alcohol and Humans

Professor Pilsener has, quite rightly, made mention of the lack of posts by my good self on the Beer Blokes Blog. In all fairness I’m not sure I have the time to invest in the amount of research to compete with the wealth of knowledge PP is accumulating on the topic of beer.
Therefore my cameo posts must be on other issues. Broad human issues that help justify the many emotion fuelled decisions we make each day. Today I am going to look at alcohol and humans.
As one of the many life forms on Earth humans are the only group that needs to artificially stimulate their environment by mind altering substances such as alcohol or drugs. Does this make us superior to the animals? or inferior? The merits of this debate could well warrant detailed discussion…

Actually I just wanted a lead-in to what I think is a funny video!

Dr Lager

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