Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Since I'm on holiday I thought it might be a bit of fun to give this exercise another run. In a nice little piece of Beer Karma, these very same guys and girls were back for last week's Beer Dinner at The Courthouse. We spoke of the first time they'd come in and how I still use their experience as an example to others of the joys of stepping out of your beery comfort zone.

Have a read and then put your minds to completing the exercise.]

Just before Christmas I looked after a group of young people who were keen to ‘try something different’ from the restaurants’ Beer List. The blokes were all ‘mainstream drinkers’ but had tried Little Creatures and some James Squire stuff and so were keen to extend themselves.

By the end of a fairly long night they had fallen in love with – wait for it – Kwak and Innes & Gunn. Now that’s a step up from VB and Pure Blonde! So much so, in fact, that they wanted to buy a slab of I&G from us then and there to take away. They were heading up to Mildura to spend the holidays on a houseboat on the Murray River and reckoned that a 6.2% Oak Aged Scottish beer was just the thing for lazy care-free days floating along a river and contemplating life.

They were in again last night for a 50th birthday celebration and, true to their word, they had headed out to Purvis Cellars and hooked not only a slab of Innes & Gunn but a slab of Kwak (plus glasses) as well.

So here’s the question; If you have to take slabs on a houseboat (and let’s assume there are no ‘Float-Thru Bottleshops to buy anything once you’re away) which TWO BEERS do you choose? For the purposes of the exercise let’s say you’re away for two weeks. One for each slab. Some of you may want to team up with someone else if two slabs is not enough.

Prof. Pilsner

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