Friday, December 1, 2006


It’s funny how things start out simply enough and before you can say “ Gee, that’s a nice beer. “, the whole thing has taken on a life of it’s own. So it seems to be the way with this site. “ We’ll just sort of track the progress of the whole homebrew thing and kinda let people know about the ins and outs. Sort of. “ is pretty much how we thought the thing would work.

Til’ one day Professor Pilsner says to Dr Lager, “ You know, we probably should show the gear we bought and where we decided to set it up, and why, and then the punters can see how easy it is to do and then we could have a bit that tells you what we did wrong and how we could fix it which would mean we’d have to have a bit where we post advice from the bloke at the homebrew joint ..” “ … and then I could put a link to the brewing log to set out all the technical stuff … “ says Dr Lager and suddenly we’re creating a website that Google will be paying a kerbillion dollars for.

So, to make navigating the Beer Bloke Interactive Experience easier for you, it has been decided that we will try to classify each post according to it’s subject. Therefore every post will end with the suffix “ BEER”

Wait, that might be confusing. I know, we will use the following code;

For the stuff that’s of interest to first time or “training wheel brewers “ - 101
For those who are already brewing at an intermediate level - INT
For those with a general interest in beer - GEN
For a bit about the history of beer - HIS
For tasting notes and comments - COMM
For those still looking for boobies - NICK OFF

All comments are welcome. At Beer Blokes we think these pages should be a reflection of beer at it’s very essence - egalitarian, non-judgemental, all encompassing, enjoyable and free for all.

Our role will be like that of the malted barley - to provide the platform, the building block, if you will, of the site. Your contributions will be like the hops - the flavouring that makes it different from the next; or the last; the flavour enhancer that lifts the content beyond the ordinary and even helps to preserve the content (so that I don’t have to sit here and type the lot). And the web itself will play the role of the yeast - that strange, omnipresent organism, multiplying, feeding off itself, digesting the sweet word(t) and transforming it to create a magical hyper-brew to be shared and savoured. No, dear reader, I have not been drinking the raw homebrew, I am merely illustrating the depths of fascination that beer holds for me and the passion that its’ study can evoke.

It is also an example of the rich and varied tastes that will be encountered in the wonderful world of Beer Blokes.

A bit like the wonderful world of beer, really.


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