Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Well, the TWO BREW is bottled and the race to empty the full ones so that we could fill the empty ones was a close thing - won narrowly by the Beer Blokes, tho’ we had to drink as we bottled just to get the last few.

Not too sure if we have tempted fate on a couple of fronts with this batch. Novice brewers who have followed this log will know that fermentation is complete - usually within 5 - 10 days - and can be determined by taking hydrometer readings (see separate entry) over several days. When identical readings are registered on consecutive days, the batch has completed fermenting and can be bottled.

We sorta waited till the readings were the same - just not over the full two days. Not worried, though, as the hydro reading showed that the brew had got up to about 5% Alc/Vol. which, when bottled with priming sugar will bring it up to 5.5%. We took a morning and an evening reading to convince ourselves that it was right to go. We were limited for bottlin’ opportunity and needed the spirits to shine on us. If the bottles begin poppin’ spontaneously we will know that we have upset the beer Gods.

As we were bottling, we noticed a marked increase in the amount of foam generated. Not too sure if this is peculiar to Pale Ales ( I suspect it is ) or wether we had a problem elsewhere. Anyway, the laundry now has a full stock of maturing beer - the stubby equivalent of 3 and ¾ slabs - and the waiting game continues. For less than $ 30 worth of raw materials. How good’s THAT !!

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