Friday, December 1, 2006


Credentials ? What credentials ?

Let me begin by telling you who the Beer Blokes are NOT.
We are not world renowned beer experts, nor are we beer journalists or writers for foodie mags.
We are not master brewers ( you probably guessed that much ) and we don’t work in the
marketing department of a large multinational brewery.
We don’t spend a lot of time in trendy bars drinking expensive drops from the bottle.
We haven’t got on the juice til’ we pass out.
For a while.

We are a couple of average blokes - hence the Beer Bloke moniker - so clever you’d think we had our own marketing department, huh? and we enjoy a beer.
Or two.

We enjoy the whole culture surrounding beer. The brewing history, the Australian colonial roots and the way in which it has crossed borders and civilisations, the fact that it’s been around longer than wine, the fact that it’s disciples are not tossers like some wine trainspotters are and the way that it unites and defines it’s drinkers at the same time while maintaining it‘s egalitarian philosophy - O.K., that’s the stuff I like about it, Dr Lager just likes drinking it. At this stage. He’ll learn to love it too, like I do, on a deeper level. I think he’s getting there.

P.S. In a future post I will elaborate on my thoughts above about beer writers, brewers and beer marketing types as well as opinions about the beer scene in Australia

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