Tuesday, May 8, 2007



The Bloke is back. In fact, he never went away. He was there, right beside you as you stood in front of the fridge, door open, brain whirring . . . "Need a beer. But which one. What would Beer Blokes choose?" he was there when you saw the latest advertisement for a "new" beer and said, "Bloody beer marketing men", the Bloke was spot on.

Enough grovelling and bullshitting and such. Let's just say that the new laptop which was to make Bloking easier and more entertaining is taking me a little longer to drive and that some posts I had in the can are now somewhere out in the ether along with entertaing television and customer service. But that's not for here.

I even appreciate the threats from loyal Blokers who would pretend to walk away and tease me. Point made, point taken. We move on. It won't happen again.

It's not that I've been totally idle, anyway. Assisting a local restaurant in the updating and restructuring of the beer list, planning some beer dinners and promotions with real prizes for the punters and stuff and training for the staff in the ways of the Beer Master and managing to brew another 190 bottles of Beer Bloke Originals while running the household, getting kids to school and stuff and of course, finding the time and energy to drink a shipload of beer.
How was your day?

Onwards we go, now, with some more Australian beer history lessons ready to post, a spanking good read about Blond Beer and putting the finishing touches to a deal which will see the Beer Blokes contract a special correspondent in the U.K. Christos, e-mail me some detail. please.

And just to apologise for the delays and to thank you all for the well-timed arse kicking, here are

some boobies.


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