Monday, April 7, 2008

Back from a Break

It seems a little odd that in this age of technology that a brief get away with the family during the school holidays can mean a break from blogging, e-mailing and internetting. But the last week or so has seen this very scenario develop. And I can't say it was all that bad a thing

I guess the fact that I still had plenty of beer in the fridge and no real need to drive anywhere or be anywhere for anyone made it a little easier to be 'disconnected' and it certainly gave me the time to finish off a few half baked ideas and spell check a couple of work-in-progress-posts as well as getting the inspiration for a number of new articles and songs and poems.

In fact, just the right number of Erdinger Champ Weissbiers led to a poem about beer and boobies and whatnot that just flew into my head on a particuarly wild and windy night down on Westernport Bay. The next week, from last Wedesday to Sunday, was a write-off right-off for any creative writing as Mebourne battled on through some of the wildest windstorms in recent history and Prof. ilsner in his alte ego role with State Emergency Service was kept fairly busy as our crews plodded along through nearly 300 calls for assistance.

By way of making up to the readers for a lack of posts, I have prepared a special edition to celebrate my 100th post. I hope you all enjoy it. Stay Tuned.


Prof. Pilsner

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your upcoming 100th post - now more importantly, whens our next card game - i think we have a beer theme where we drink one different beer for each game. Trebor Semaj Luap Evarg.