Thursday, August 6, 2009

Courthouse Beer Dinner – Winter Beers

Back by popular demand – no really, actual demand – is the Courthouse Restaurant Beer Dinner. Five beers and four courses including dessert with an entertaining and informative host who promises a fun night of beery informality.

With the bookings already exceeding the Autumn dinner numbers we may be tight for space as other large bookings will probably see us using the Judges Cambers this time around but I’m sure we will all enjoy the beers on offer with a couple of samples that might be just a bit of a surprise. As usual, wines, soft drink or extra beers will be offered to the non-beer drinkers too ensure that everyone is welcome.

Doors open at 7 for a 7.30 start. The Courthouse Restaurant is at 1 Gloucester Ave Berwick, on the corner of High Street. See you there.

Prof. Pilsner


Briony said...

BERWICK?! Where is that?


Beer Blokes said...

Oh very good, Briony! OK, got a pen? Head east, if its morning time, that's towards the big round yellow thing, then keep going past all the hippies and street people and bag ladies and Goths and that bloke who smells funny and talks to lamp posts. Then veer sort of south-east-ish until the air starts smelling like trees and flowers and not like factories or poo and then keep going a bit further until you see a large concrete box full of bogans. That's Fountain Gate shopping centre. A bit further on towards the hills, past some cows and some more bogans and then on a bit and that's Berwick. It's actually not a bad place. Apart from all the bogans.

Cheers and ;}

Briony said...

I actually worked in Berwick for a short while so I shouldn't be a smartass. I should also abide by the motto "those who live in glass houses ..." etc etc as I am currently living in Frankston which also has a concrete box full of bogans - not for much longer though!!