Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MovemBEER update

G'Day Beer Lovers, I hope your attempts to raise awareness and funds for Men's Health initiatives is going as well as your no-Mo Growing is.

For those who don't know, MovemBEER is Beer Blokes very own fun and fuzz-friendly way to raise money for a good cause without having to subject your face to moustache-based attrocities that leave you looking like you've just joined (or recently escaped from) a religious cult. You know exactly what I mean.

Drink good beer instead. Make sure the beer has 'MO' soemwhere within in and pledge to donate the value of those beers to a Men's Health charity like Beyond Blue or Prostate Cancer Foundation or directly to a mate who is doing the real Movember.

Here are some of the beers that I have managed to squeeze into the frame;

MOntieth's Single Source MOuntain Goat Steam Ale MOrnington Pale Ale

all pretty obvious so far, huh?

What about these;

Victoria Pale Lager (this is not so much a beer I would be drawn to but it is certainly a Marketing Oddity)

McLaren Vale Vale Ale (a nicely balanced easy drinking ale with a nice hop character. They have been criticised for contract brewing despite promising to soon Make their Own)

and finally, and most obscurely ....

Kooinda Valhalla Golden Ale. You ready? Here goes. The Kooinda boys named their brewery Kooinda to sum up the origins of the company where four mates got together on weekends to brew beer in the backyard. Kooinda is an Aboriginal word meaning 'Happy Place'. The Aborigines presumably gave us this word because they had no further use for it. Same with the word for 'Let's Get Together and Have Fun' - MOomba!

I never said you had to be politically correct, did I?!

So you see, you can drink just about any beer and make it fit the criteria for MovemBEER. Send your best efforts to me and the best one, as judged by me, will win a signed copy of The Critics Choice - Australia's Best Beers.

Get drinkin'!

Prof Pilsner

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One ‘mo’ excuse to have a beer

A year after the official Movember movement began and lots of blokes started growing moustaches and raising money for men’s health, Beer Blokes offered an alternative. MovemBEER was born.

As we are no doubt aware, some blokes just look plain dodgy when they don a Crumb Catcher and get out in public. From Adolf Hitler to Ivan Milat and Tom Selleck some men just shouldn’t wear a Soup Strainer beneath their nose.

MovemBEER has been offering a suitable and non kiddy-scaring alternative to growing selective facial hair. Don’t panic, you can still raise money for the official Movember or you can donate directly to Beyond Blue or any other charitable research foundation you choose. It’s just so simple.

“How do I do MovemBEER, Prof?!”

I’m glad you asked. You like to drink good beer, don’t you, that’s why you’re here?

“Sure do, Prof!”

Good. MovemBEER is all about drinking good beer.

“Surely there’s a catch?!”

Ooh! You’re good. Yes, there is a catch but it’s a small one. The beer has to fit the theme.

“Wha-a-a-a-a-HT!” That sounds difficult.

It’s not, silly. Just drink beers that have ‘MO’ in them somewhere or somehow. For example; MOosehead, MOretti Pilsner or MOuntain Goat. If you think a little laterally you can also include more obscure titles like any of Red Hill’s beers because they are brewed on the MOrnington Peninsula or any of Mornington Peninsula Brewery beers because, well, it starts with ‘MO’.

In years past I have managed to squeeze just about every beer I have downed into the ‘MO’ framework. Some are easy, some you need to look at by squinting your eyes and tilting your head while emitting a low hmmmmm – but you can do it.

Whatever you spend on these beers you agree to donate to either of the following;

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Beyond Blue

A mate who is doing the ‘other’ Movember

For those looking to raise money and awareness without letting loose on the street many blokes who look as though they should be treading a well-worn path in a maximum security exercise yard, “Give That They May NOT Grow”.

If you are struggling to think of beers to fit the Modus Operandi (get it? M.O.??! Heh!?!) here are some links to the last four years of Beer Blokes MovemBEER posts to inspire you.