Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the loop

The Pilsner clan has just returned from a school holiday family adventure to Tasmania and while it is very nice – and necessary – to get away, it’s always nice to come home.

Despite staying in a stilted house among the treetops, the internet reception was even slower than the relaxed Hobart lifestyle although the fact that we were nestled in the shadow of Mt Wellington might also have had a bit of an effect. Needless to say the ability to update the blog was severely handicapped and I didn’t want to spend the whole holiday standing on one leg angling the laptop at various points in each room trying to fire a post at a fleeting sliver of cyber-connectivity.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do plenty of very beery things, meet plenty of interesting beer people and drink plenty of very nice local product. Perish the thought. I am now taking the opportunity to gather my thoughts and make sense of the hastily scrawled notes to post a few interesting posts over the next week. After the Famine, prepare for the Feast!

Prof Pilsner

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denis pagan said...

many people will only know me for my journeys down media street with statements such as "don't tell me about the labour pains, just show me the baby"...

in this instance, I'd like to point out that a week between posts continues to be more famine than feast.