Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How NOT to celebrate a Cup win

Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Our Prime Minister tipped the winner of yesterday's Melbourne Cup - which is more than I can say for our syndicate - and proceeded to show the Nation the exact opposite way to celebrate. If anyone can think of a dickier way to ride a winner past the post, let me know. And, to top it off, he finishes with a "I don't really like the tatse of beer but don't want people to think I'm a poofter" move. Classic.

This might even be better and dickier than former PM John Howard's reaction to the Rugby World Cup win a few years back.


Damien said...

To be fair, he WAS drinking XXXX! That might at least explain the way he did that sip you first learn when you're being force fed some pretty bad tasting medicine when you're a kid! :)

Beer Blokes said...


Even worse, it was XXXX GOLD!! MID-STRENGTH!! I also liked the 1st move, the 'pump action fake' where he reaches for the beer, picks it up at exactly the moment he realsise it is (A) Beer and (B) XXXX Gold then deftly repositions it as if that was what he intended all along, then places it gently in a different spot, remembers the cameras and the whole 'I'm not a poofter' thing and goes the girly sip! The bit that follows where he mouths "That's not bad" - not sure if it refers to the beer or the race result.

Prof. Pilsner

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