Monday, March 15, 2010

Some news and stuff

Wow! With all the wild weather and hop-pickin’ and what-not, I have completely overlooked a couple of very significant and very beery events on the calendar.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th is the next instalment of the increasingly popular and people-packed Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse (St Kilda Chapter) and it will be the perfect opportunity to Bock On with Shandy and the crew as we sample and prattle on about 4 different Bock beers and enjoy some very nice pizza from Richard’s Kitchen. Thirty smackas, seven o’clock for a seven thirty start and I’ll see you there.

Wednesday and Thursday the 17th and 18th sees the next edition of the very social Victorian Microbrewery Showcase at Federation Square Atrium (off Flinders Street). This is a great opportunity to support the brewers who are out there providing we who are enlightened with quality, small batch, limited release and quality beers above and beyond the stuff that takes up the first three fridges in most bottle shops and pubs.

You can chat with the brewers and sample up to twenty different ales, lagers, wheat beers and various specialty brews while enjoying the company of thousands of like-minded souls. It’s still only $25 for 20 tasting tickets and a $5 food voucher plus a $2 deposit on your tasting glass.

And coming up is a beery event of such culture, class and theatrical conviviality that I will smack out a separate post to do it proper justice shortly, but here is a teaser.

The Beer Diva, Kirrily Waldhorn has put together a theatrical experience like none seen before to take place at some joint called The Sydney Opera House (Sydney readers and Darlo Ale Stars might like to enlighten us on what this is – some place near the SCG or is where they hold the Mardi Gras, perhaps?)

Titled, Beer is Proof that God Wants us to be Happy, tickets go on sale today and the show runs from Wednesday April 28th to Sunday May 2nd with two shows on the Friday. I will be there and God will make sure that I am very happy.

Prof. Pilsner


"Bruce Fargher" said...

Bringing some of the boys from NACA down to Ale Stars this evening.

Cheers PM

Gem said...

That looks like one of the photos I took of the Beer Diva! (which the Local added to their pool). That dinner was so good. Hope she comes down again.