Friday, August 17, 2007

Beer Games

We don’t like to sit on our laurels here at Beer Blokes – mainly because we don’t have any laurels. Actually we don’t really know what a laurel is. Is it a bit like a flowers? No, that’s florals. Isn’t it the fat bloke in the old movies with Hardy? Anyway, we don’t rest on them.

We begin a new series here where we will review and rate beer. What’s that I hear you say, “But Professor, you already provide some of the most insightful and informative treatises on beer in the world ever! What could you mean?” Good question and here is a good response. This time we will endeavour to document, in every detail, the wonderful world of beer games.

I have recently enjoyed some quality time with beer in the form of online beer related interactive games. And, as it always seems to do, beer got me thinking. As a young man, I enjoyed the fun and frivolity of drinking games – challenging your mates and your own limitations and looking forward to seeing who would chuck first, but I don’t want to be seen to be encouraging irresponsible consumption of alcohol in any form. Don’t need that sort of heat.

Instead, in this first instalment of the new series, I will look at online beer games only. Regular readers of this nonsense will know that I am partial to the odd product or twenty from Launceston in Tasmania – that’s the floaty-away bit underneath the land down under for our overseas readers – specifically the fine beers from J Boag & Son. Boags Draught is something of the lifeblood of the Beer Blokes Brewing Co. because it is reasonably priced, the labels come off in seconds under hot water and it is a damned fine beer. They also have a very good website.

You may have seen or heard of the Boag’s advertising initiative ‘Tester Reserve’. This is a neatly produced advertising campaign based around the average bloke signing up as a reservist taste tester for Boag’s Draught. You get some dog tags and the odd e-mail and access to a very good interactive section of the website. And you are encouraged to test beer regularly.

The first beer game is a mission simulator in which reservists must move through an animated/comic strip type scenario to get to the beer. Along the way you get harassed by bouncers at the door, the old chook selling tickets for the meat tray raffle, the pissed old bloke tellin’ stories and so on. At each interruption you have to choose from three options – one of which will move you along quickly, the others will either delay you or cost you cash, or end the simulation.

Beer Bloke Rating; Playablity – Very Easy. Fun Factor; Very High. Boobies Value – Some Cartoon Cleavage. Overall; Highly recommended.

The newest addition to the section is the Interactive Pub Crawl in which reservists just have to get to the pub. Then the next. And the next. And pick up a mate along the way. And avoid the traps like the God Botherer, the Bouncer, the Annoying Ex-Girlfriend, the dog turds and pot holes. You can also pick up extra points by collecting stubbies, dog tags, stars and stuff along the way. Slabs of Draught are also parachuted into the combat zone for added excitement and bonus points.

Easy to play, this game is a cracker. The animation/digital photo combo works a treat and the military style wargame set up is great. The only drawback is that, as the game goes on and you try to knock off the top score, the game can get ‘staggery’ and slows right down if too much is happening when you are trailing along all four mates. In fact, it becomes like a real pub crawl, in that you begin smoothly and then everything suddenly sows right down and the whole thing becomes a game of stamina instead of skill. Or itcould just be my PC.

Slabs and Draught merch are up for grabs and just getting a score in the top twenty or so is a feat to be proud of. My best is 29th so far and I am NOT happy. But I did win a shirt.

Beer Bloke Rating; Playability – Easy early on. Gets a tad annoying as you get further in. Fun Factor – Very High. A good laugh. Boobies Value – None. Overall. Recommended.

So get on board and have a crack – think carefully before deciding what to do at the pool table in the Mission Simulator! – and see what you think. Good beer fun for all.

If any Blokes out there know of any beer games – or any online games that could be beer related (like, you could have a beer whilst or after playing) let the Blokes know and we will road test them.

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28 August 2007

Has the Interactive Pub Crawl game disappeared?