Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bloke is back. And he’s not happy.

After a month of rearranging or cancelling plans, sorting out babysitters and coping with lack of sleep due to the recent weather activity, I was really looking forward to the prospect of a quiet weekend spent with family and friends – and beer. And plenty of it.

So what better way to really piss me off than this; get a collection of lab-coated, clipboard-clutching Poindexters in need of more Federal Government funding to piss up against a wall and get them all to ignore all the research they had just been paid to do and come up with a new set of figures designed to really piss me off. Mission accomplished, Egg-Heads!!

You see, a little while back some group of academic pin-heads called the National Health and Medical Research Council decided that there just HAD to be a number that we could attach to the amount of booze a man or a woman could/should have before they would grow a second head, try to stop trams with their faces and cost society its innocence. They have now halved the number.

Two quick things, beer researchers;

1) Stop making up new research figures, and
2) Piss Off!!

Prof. Pilsner
PS The lass at the top is NOT one of the lab-coated dickheads to which I referred. I'm not sure she's even a REAL scientist.


Muddy Mo said...

I dunno, she looks like a real scientist to me. I think I see a curriculum vitae peaking out over her lab coat.

Tim said...

I'm not going to argue with her!