Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reeksy in the Outback

Beer Blokes supporter and Ale Stars regular, Reeksy and his partner, Ella, are somewhere very North of here at the moment, driving a big ol’ 4x4 around the top end of Australia.

I received an e-mail from them this week and a link to their very well written travel diary – No Fixed Abode. I have popped the link on the side of the blog. It is a cracking good read for anyone who has travelled, will travel, should travel or wishes they could travel. Have I missed anyone? It is a terrific account of our Wide Brown Land as seen through the eyes of an ale-sipping, Triumph-driving, God-Saving-The-Queen kind of Pom.

Check it out.

Prof. Pilsner


reeksy said...

Bloody oath Prof. what you gone and done!

Ha ha, thanks for your kind compliments ... a crate of Darwin stubbies are on their way to you, you can always rinse them out and put something nice in them I suppose.

Keep an eye out in Beer & Brewer for our Darwin experiences

Beer Blokes said...

Cheers Reeksy,

Hope the trek is treating you well. Some stories to share over a beer or ten when we catch up again.