Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Goats and Blokes get together

If you take one of this country’s most respected and creative brewing teams, including their often outspoken but always affable ‘Road Goat’, and pair it with this country’s most respected and creative Beer Dinner host* and put together a five course spectacular in one of this country’s most respected and well-known beer venues, well, you’d barely need to talk it up, would you?

Mountain Goat Brewery and their trusty pet Tom Delmont along with your very own Beer Bloke, Prof Pilsner, will combine to present a beery degustation of lofty proportions at Beer Deluxe on Thursday March 10.

Tom will warn diners of the dangers of eating hop flowers

Those who have enjoyed any of these three elements in isolation will only be able to imagine the result of a collaboration of this calibre. To fully appreciate the fun and entertainment available you really will need to be there on the night. With a venue that is a mere stagger from public transport options and the promise of some very special beer offerings and the Prof’s famous Beer Trivia and talent for finding the humour in every situation what more encouragement do you really need?

How about this? With Beer Deluxe looking to further establish its credentials as a premier Melbourne beer venue, punters can be assured of some very interesting food matches presented in the private and luxurious surrounds of the little known upstairs dining room.

If all that is still not enough to have you grabbing the phone to secure one of the limited tickets to this event then maybe this will get you moving - $55. That’s right; the brewers from Mountain Goat presenting their beers and chatting with you in a relaxed and friendly setting, Tom Delmont doing what Tom Delmont does best, five courses and five beers, trivia and giveaways all knitted together by The Prof in Melbourne’s finest beer venue for just $55 per head.

"You DO realise that bloke is not a real Professor, don't you?!"

But, in all seriousness, interest has already been strong and tickets are limited so please, show your support for Beer Dinners like this and have a rollicking good night into the bargain. Tickets and other details are available by contacting Beer Deluxe at Federation Square on 9663 0166.

Look forward to seeing you there,


Prof Pilsner

*Since I’m about the only bloke doing regular Beer Dinners I figured I’d get away with such a bold claim! It sounded better in the promo than “not the worst bloke you could get to do a Beer Dinner...” or “almost as good as pulling some dodgy random off the street...”

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