Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Women & Beer

When the promotional material for a forthcoming show promises that a group of women will reveal “the secrets that have previously been shared only at private events” then you’ve bloody well got my attention right there.

That this promised revelation will be accompanied by dinner and beer, well ...

The Victorian Women of Beer presented by The Beer Diva is a five part, five beer, six woman show dedicated to bringing the joys of good beer to those for whom this mysterious amber liquid is ... well ... a mystery.

With a mix of light-hearted technical information, whimsical historical illuminations and myth-busting facts the theatre/cabaret style production will delight and amaze – as well as showcasing a number of rather nice frocks if you’re into that sort of thing.

Five beer styles, represented by a beer from each of five of Victoria’s finest female Craft Brewers, will be presented in a show which promises a journey of discovery and a chance to put beer into the spotlight normally reserved for fine wines.

The Victorian Women of Beer are Mountain Goat Brewery’s Jayne Lewis, Sam Fuss from True South, Bridge Road Brewers’ Nardia McGrath, Karen Golding from Red Hill Brewery and Hargreaves Hills’ Beth Williams. Each will introduce their beer and possibly be able to hang around afterwards for a little bit of Q & A.

Guests sip on each beer in turn as its style is revealed through a succession of multi-media presentations, music and light to draw the audience into a sense of fun and fantasy. They are guided at each step by the glamorous but very down-to-earth Beer Diva who brings each beer alive through its history and place in the beer world.

The Thornbury Theatre is the venue for the show with dinner and show or show only deals available. This is a beautiful venue perfectly suited to The Beer Diva’s relaxed and intimate style and should provide a stylish backdrop to what is a fun and engaging evening billed by its creator as ‘part theatre, part sensory indulgence’.

If this re-working of the Beer Diva’s show which premiered at a little venue in Sydney Harbour (the Sydney Something House?) is as good, then the Melbourne crowd will be treated to an evening to remember.

The Beer Diva presents The Victorian Women of Beer plays for one night only at The Thornbury Theatre859 High St Thornbury on Friday March 4 as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

More details here.

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