Thursday, February 3, 2011

You still there?

Even as the digits tap out these notes I can hear people saying; “well it’s just about bloody time we heard from you, you great lazy lump of sit-on-your-arse!”

Yeah, yeah, I hear you. And I’m sorry. Really. It was never my intention to deprive you of your regular fix of ranting and rabble dressed up as considered personal opinion on all things beery. But things have been pretty darned hectic around here.

And I haven’t stopped writing; I just haven’t got around to posting yet. So prepare your good selves for a deluge of semi-Biblical proportions. There’s been a bit going on in the Beer World in general and my Beer World specifically and I just can’t wait to share it all in glorious detail with you all, my patient loyal readers.

Stay tuned.

Prof Pilsner


Darren said...

Please not a rant on the top 100 beers or grey imports. Had enough of those

Beer Blokes said...

Hah! Thought those might come up! Good debate is always healthy and with a new beer book due out in April, the Top 100 thing may not be dead yet.

At least we have people offering opinions today. When I started my beer journey all you could debate was which pub served VB in the cleanest glass. My how things have changed.

Stay tuned!


Darren said...

fair point, would be a much sadder world if we were still arguing if VB or Melbourne Bitter was the better beer.

Oh and its Melbourne Bitter by the way, I think they put in 5 hop pellets rather than 4

Tim said...

@Darren - It's VB as it;s hopped with 'double plugger' rubber thongs and elastic bands.

Darren said...

@Tim yea I heard they tried using single pluggers but it just wasnt the same

Jo said...

Good to have you back Prof! Looking forward to the deluge!