Friday, November 9, 2007


The month of November is Men’s Health Month and some of the Beer Blokes out there may have participated in a fundraising and awareness campaign known as Mo-vember where normally un-moustachioed males grow some mo’ during the month.

A regular reader of this drivel (THIS BLOG, NOT MEN'S HEALTH WEEK!) participated last year and had a very humorous website to track the mo-progress of himself and his work colleagues; if you are in again this year, the Blokes would like to know. I am happy to support such initiatives because they are a good fun way to raise awareness and money for a good cause. After all, the longer you live, the more beers you get to try!

Not to be outdone and in no way detracting from the real thing, I am starting a supplementary movement on these pages to encourage men to think about their manly health and to do something worthwhile at the same time. If you can’t grow a mo’ then maybe this is for you.


And it’s simple. During the month of November, try to drink as many beers beginning with MO or that have MO somewhere prominent in their title – or style. For example, I am kicking off my campaign for men’s health with a MOosehead from Canada and, while I’m there, I will go for a Unibroue specialty beer called La Fin Du MOnde – which translates as ‘the end of the world – and I can assure you, if you cop the old Jack the Dancer in the old prostate – that’s an ominous brew.

In all seriousness, I reckon this is as good an opportunity as any to promote the cause for prostate cancer and other ‘we don’t like to talk about these things especially Doctors puttin’ their fingers up there’ kind of medical issues. But the reality is that we need to do all we can to stay healthy and beer loving. We owe it to the beer.

Send us your MO selections; they can be a beer or a beer style – but don’t get too carried away by trying to drink a full selection, especially if you choose Monastery Beers, or even Mountain Goat or MOnteith's!

I don’t want to go the opposite way and be the cause of the deaths by beer drowning of the entire Beer Blokes squad!

Cheers, and Good Health.
Prof. Pilsner


Anonymous said...

In the spirit of Men's Health and Mo's and all that, I thought I'd take the health thing a step further and have a crack at a gluten free beer (in the interests of research).
(M)O'Brien's Premium Lager... i've generally found that i like lagers with bangers and mash. (let's face it, i like lagers with, er, almost anything)
this was an exception.
Does the learned Professor believe that a good lager can be made without your tradition barley and wheat base?

What tips does the learned Professor have for the gluten intolerant who still loves a sneaky beer?

to be fair to (M) O'Brien's, the Pale Ale was quite drinkable.

Beer Blokes said...

Dear Bruces' Mo -how good was THAT one?!

O'Briens Gluten free beer holds a very special place in my beer drinking history. It was the very first, and, to date, ONLY beer I have ever had to tip down the sink.

I really tried to find something in it to like. I spose the fact that it cleared the drain was one good thing.

My main concern was the strength of the kid's cough medicine flavour that kicked in towards the end of the mouthful and the fact that it just didn't taste like beer. I think that a beer should be able taste like beer without a malted barley or wheat but I think it may need more hop flavour to compensate and perhaps a sweeter dextrose beef up in the early stages. Not sure.

As to sneaky beers for the gluten intolerants, if this is as good as it gets I would consider this; take all the labels off as many beers as you can get, stick them over the labels on Bundy and Coke cans, and just pretend. Either that or train your body to be gluten tolerant wether it wants to or not.

Prof. Pilsner