Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mo-Vem-Beer is back!

As promised, the Beer Blokes will again encourage blokes and blokettes everywhere to participate in the most eagerly anticipated and ridiculously over-hyped charity event never to be officially recognised by anybody officially anywhere. Mo-Vem-Beer.

For the unaware, this charity event is very loosely based on the Movember initiative which involves participants growing a moustache during the month of November and getting their work mates and family and friends to sponsor them. All money raised goes to men’s mental health research and a search for a prostate cancer cure. They probably shouldn’t use the words ‘prostate’ and ‘search’ in the same promo.

Mo-Vem-Beer is for those who can’t, won’t or really shouldn’t grow a mo but who want to support the cause. Beer Blokes encourage all those facial-follically challenged to raise money instead by purchasing and drinking beers which are in any vague way linked to the letters M and O. As those who participated last year will recall, this is really not very difficult at all. In fact the more random, far-fetched and loosely related the beers are to the MO theme, the better they taste!

After you have selected and purchased your MO beers you then make a donation of the value of the beers or whatever donation you can stump up, and see that it gets to a men’s health related charity of your choosing. See? Fun, easy, no pressure or commitment required and you get to drink beer. Maybe even some beers that you haven’t tried before. It also has the added benefit of keeping the workplace free of blokes who look dodgy enough without a mo, let alone turning full-on cheesy porn star/rock spider when they grow a bad one!

For those who are having trouble fitting their preferred tipple into the MO category I will post my personal selection of MO beers from last year to show you just how easy it is to squish any beer you can find into the MO mould. Trust me.

I expect this blog’s followers to send in their best and brightest ideas and who knows, maybe this thing might just take off! If every other group can have a special day or a dedicated month, then why can’t we beer drinkers? Our money’s good! If you have any suggestions for other charity months, let me know and I’ll add them to the list for the coming year. Personally, I’m looking forward to Sextember where everyone who gets lucky with a bit of the old Koosh Bakoondy donates a hundred (married men make it an even thousand), Alepril when you are permitted to drink beer at work as long as it is top fermented and, of course, my personal favourite, Fanuary. Can’t believe THAT one was banned in New Zealand last year!

Here’s cheers to a great and prosperous Mo-Vem-Beer!

Prf. Pilsner

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