Friday, February 5, 2010

Some more Beer Karma

I used to do bit a fair bit of specialised chalkboard art for a number of restaurants a few years back - menu boards with caricatures and sneaky little pop culture references hidden in them – that sort of thing.

I’m too busy to keep it up as a business and I haven’t done any for a while but one old customer called me to come out and update a small board he has at a little cafe in South Melbourne and I couldn’t help but help him out.

It was a ten minute job to change a few prices and add a few items but, as often happens in real life, a nice little coincidence led to a nice little experience. The cafe owner had taken the ladder home and even though I just push six-foot, I can’t reach a chalkboard perched above a work bench and grill without feeling a little toey so we had to have a Plan B.

“Would you mind popping over the road and asking to borrow their ladder?” he asked.

‘Over the road’ just happens to be nice little inner suburban relic of Pubs in Years Past, The Maori Chief hotel. Founded in 1867 (I know that’s not old for you English pub people but it’s positively ANCIENT by our Colonial standards!) it has a front bar at the front and a side bar at the side and a nice dining room and function area as well.

It also has The Goat on tap.

I just happened to notice as I grabbed the ladder that Mountain Goat Steam Ale was on tap in the front bar and decided that a nice way to thank them for the use of the ladder would be to come back after the job was done and share some nice quality time with the Youngest Pilsner, who was along for the ride.

Can I just say how nice it was to sit at a good old fashioned bar in a good old fashioned pub sipping a good old fashioned pot of very nice beer with your youngest for company. It was all over in fifteen minutes but it was worth ten times that.

Prof. Pilsner

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