Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to get MO-ving

Just when you thought October – The Month of Beer – was over, along comes November – The Next Month of Beer – and it all just keeps happening again.

Tuesday night sees Beer Blokes at Young & Jacksons for the Bridge Road Brewers beer degustation after catching up with Chris Mc Beer and The Crafty Pint for pre-dinner refreshers. We’ll be in Chloe’s Bar upstairs if anyone else has the inkling to join the festivities.

Friday will see the curtain drawn on what might possibly be (up till now) Melbourne’s only regularly held Beer Dinners at The Courthouse restaurant in Berwick. After 6 years and goodness knows how many dinners (at least 8 just this year!) the restaurant has been sold and Prof Pilsner will take his Beer Dinner Show on the road in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re in Berwick this week, pop in cos the new owners don’t want any of our beer stock and I sure as heck can’t drink it all on me own!

And lastly, this month sees the third or fourth year (I don’t know!?) of the very well known and much loved fundraising venture – MovemBEER. That’s right, it’s on again – Beer Bloke s very own shameless rip-off of that other reasonably popular charity event – Movember.

For those new to this site, here’s how it all works. For too long now blokes who look really seriously dodgy when they grow a Mo for Movember (Jeff Kennett, Shane Warne, Aunt Bunny, Ivan Milat, Hitler, Tom Selleck) have made it hard for the movement to gain credibility.

Beer Blokes came up with the concept of MovemBEER for these people. Not Milat, he’s a shit Bloke and not welcome here. For all the others, just buy and drink beers that have the ‘MO’ somewhere in them. Be as adventurous and as tenuous as you like – it’s all about supporting Men’s Health initiatives.

See here and here and maybe even here for previous year’s efforts at Beer Blokes and you’ll see it’s pretty easy.

Whatever you choose to drink, just pledge to donate a similar amount to the official Movember movement or make a direct donation to a Men’s Health service of your choice. The TAB or the Pub do not count.

Drink that they may not Mo.

Prof Pilsner

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