Monday, February 16, 2009

More on The Shout

Our deployments to the firegrounds have just come through so I will be out and about over the next two days. While updating my beer blogging I noticed that The Shout has come up in topics posted by Timover at The Beer Diary and by Moses over at Beer and Sport. This is a bit spooky as I was reading a beer book from the late sixties over the weekend and just happened to be up to the capter on The Shout. Hmmm, Beer Karma?!

Anyway, while I'm out, here is a lazy reprint of the post I did on The Shout back in April last year.

Tomorrow I will get even lazier and program a reprint of the post I did on Bad Blokes to have in The Shout from June last year.

Happy re-reading.


Prof. Pilsner


Unknown said...

Great action photo there Professor, I reckon the chicks at fault for hitting the blokes glass too hard at the top.

Perhaps it's justice then that she wore the brunt of it, and will have to go to the bar for a replacement.

Tim said...

Brings new meaning to getting smashed!