Friday, February 6, 2009

This bloke walks into a pub ...

A quick beer related funny.

A bloke walks into a pub and saunters up to the bar. He nods to the smiling barman and orders a beer.

“There you go, mate,’ says the barman, ‘that’ll be ten cents.”
“Ten cents?” says the bloke, incredulously. “Do you do counter meals here?”
“Yes, mate, T-Bone steak and a pint – Fifty cents.”
“Jeez, that’s alright! Where’s the bloke who owns this pub?”
“Oh, he’s upstairs with my wife.”
“What’s he doin’ upstairs with your wife?”
“Same thing I’m doin’ down ‘ere to his business.”

Good man, good man.

Cheers,Prof. Pilsner

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