Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ben brews something special

Ben Kraus cradles his previously proudest releases

As one of Australia's youngest brewers and brightest stars in the craft beer scene, Ben Kraus has delighted his drinkers with many special limited releases over the last five years. My own beer cupboard has been filled with Oak Aged Imperial Porter and The Harvest alongside Bridge Road Brewers all-year-round offerings.

But on Monday May 17 Ben began his AIBA Awards Week by welcoming his latest and arguably proudest achievement when partner Maria gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Lillyana.

Congratulations, Ben and Maria. As a father myself, Ben, you'll now find that you either have very little spare time to spend in the brewery or, conversely, you'll look for every single tiny little obscure reason to escape the house and get out to the brewery.

Either way, can we expect to see a commemorative release for the brewery's sixth birthday in the form of a ... oh, I don't know, maybe a Lillyana Lager? Ben's Little Girl Gueze? Maria's Mummy Marzen? I'm on a bit of a roll when it comes to naming beers at the moment, so, you know, let me know!

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