Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ale Stars at the Local Taphouse

On the middle Tuesday of each month The Local Taphouse has a terrific beer night known by its attendees as ‘Ale Stars’, a celebration of beer, style by style.

For the bargain basement price of just $25 punters can not only sample the finest beer drinking surroundings, music and atmosphere, they can also sample four beers all linked by style or type or region, matched with a delicious selection of expertly prepared finger foods.

The brother-in-law and I made our way out last month for a night devoted to stouts. Beginning with the entry level Guinness in the widget powered can and moving through Export and Imperial style stouts and finishing with a chocolate stout, the night was well paced and hosted capably by Shandy who introduced each beer, gave notes on other like beers as we sipped and chatted and provided good tips and tricks for appreciating beer in general.

A highlight of this second Ale Stars evening was a guest spot by the very talented craft brewer, David Golding from Red Hill Brewery on the Mornington Peninsula. Sharing his brewing knowledge and fielding questions that ranged from the simple to the scientific, he managed to fill the room with a sense of the love and dedication a brewer needs to not just produce a good beer but to stay true to the principles you set for yourself. Sticking to producing beers of a higher standard with smaller margins and growing their own hops, Red Hill is striving to ensure that finer beers are available to those willing to try something a little outside their price comfort zone. Being able to chat to David afterwards and chatting all things beer was a bonus for the professor.

This is a great environment for beer-heads who love their ales and lagers but don’t really want to take it all too seriously. The night is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with others who share your passion and no one is out there trying to ‘one-up’ each other or argue whose favourite beer is best.

The next Ale Stars night is next Tuesday September 16 and coming into their special tap beer extravaganza, ‘Spec-Tap-ular’ which will be an Oktoberfest themed weekend, they will feature an all German line up of interesting beers. For all the good word, check out their link at the right hand side of the Beer Blokes blog.

Prof. Pilsner

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Anonymous said...

Thx Prof. Just so you know, to keep it more manageable for the kitchen as Ale Star numbers grow, most Sessions will have great pizzas to share although from time to time we may have special beer & food matching sessions.

See ya then!