Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Beer Nerdy kind of challenge

I am always on the lookout for a new angle or a beery challenge or something just a bit different at which to direct my energy when it comes to beer. Sometimes the tasks I set myself are a little ‘beer nerdy’ even by my standards. But, a bloke’s gotta be passionate about something.

My local daily paper published a regular feature last week titled “the beer lovers’ guide to Melbourne”, a list of the top 30 ‘Beer Hot Spots’. I reckon these things are more about appeasing advertisers, scrounging for freebies and greasing business relationships than they are any well researched and ranked ladder, but they are usually a good enough read and give at least a plug to some good beer places.

The story listed “the best places to drink, brew and learn about beer” and divided it into local brewers, pub breweries, the best bars, homebrewing outlets and ‘something different’. Reading through, it occurred to me that these lists are always a bit subjective and will always have omitted one or two places that someone else considers better than best. Generally, though, they are well put together and at least they are exposing new beer people to the places and people who make beer happen.

And, now that I have finally completed my search for the Sierra Nevada, I am a bit lost, actually. In need of a new challenge. And then it came to me. Use the list. Use the list, Luke.

I thought I’d try to visit each place on the list. In order. That should be nerdy enough.

Prof. Pilsner

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