Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And now for something completely different

Ale Stars beer appreciation club/collective/gathering/tribe/mob at The Local Taphouse has been travelling along nicely now for just over two years.

In that time we have been treated to beers from all over the world and across the growing Australian Craft Beer landscape and made plenty of good friends and met plenty of good brewers along the way.

In sessions past we have worked our way through beers in a particular style, beers for a particular season or beers from a particular brewery.

Tonight will meet a peculair trio.

The Beer Ambassadors are Barney Mathews and Miro Bellini from Beer Deluxe and "Road Goat" Tom Delmont who recently travelled the US to ... well, to drink beer, really. Tonight Ale Stars will be regaled by the stories of their trip.

If you haven't booked in already, be quick. This could be something special.
7 for a 7.30 start, beers and pizza and trivia and heaps of fun for $40.

Prof Pilsner

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