Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Crafty Pint

In the words of the Southern Army Officer from one of my favourite M*A*S*H episodes;
“Well strap mah face to the side of a hawg and roll me in the mud, where ARE mah mannaers?!?”

In all the post Home Show excitement, the second meeting of the recently formed Australian Beer Writers Guild (NTBTTS)* and running a family, I completely forget to give a very large shout-out to a mate and his labour of love website, The Crafty Pint.

Conceived, designed, created and driven by freelance journo and beer lover, James Smith, The Crafty Pint is something of a one-stop site for all your Craft Beer needs. It provides plenty of easy to read information on the beers, the breweries who brew them and the good beer people who sell them to you, all in a really tight, quick-loading format.

At this stage The Crafty Pint covers just Victorian craft brewers and their beers and focuses on in-house brewers rather than contract brewers or other beer on-sellers but hopes to expand over the coming months to promote craft beers around the country.

Regularly updated, the site gives readers a heads-up on new beer releases and beer events around town. With links to the breweries it’s an easy job to find out more from the source and maps and locators make it easy to plan a night out, a pub visit or a trip away and satisfy all your beery needs.

There are plenty of other feature pages keeping you well informed about all things craft beer – even a very entertaining section which features a Beer Blogger of the Month (well worth checking out the first offering!) – making The Crafty Pint a great source of information as well as entertainment for the craft beer lover.

Prof Pilsner

*Not To Be Taken Too Seriously

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