Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Barons Squadron

Further to my post about the Save The Males campaign being run by the very nice beer people at Baron’s Brewing Company, I have been asked (by the same very nice beer people) to help them out in spreading the word about their very nice beer club, the Barons Squadron.

As I am already signed up, I thought it only proper to agree to such a nice beer request. As they have very kindly offered to give me some of their very nice beer, I agreed even quicker than I normally would have. Thanks, Alison!

Most breweries have a ‘club’ or some other form of ‘sign up’ deal and good on them for that. Sadly, with many, the deal includes little more than a regular newsletter that looks as if it could have been generated in Microsoft Publisher by a marketing-degree-holding laptop jockey who doesn’t even know the company has a brewing division. All flash and no dash. Others seem to forget about you after two or three editions.

The Barons Squadron is a little like the Barons' crew themselves. It’s about the beer, but it’s more than just beer. I have a series on craft brewers in the works and have already assembled posts on about six Australian brewers who are doing the right thing by the beer drinker and I will go into more detail on Baron’s set up later. For now you just need know that from a crew of two blokes and a single beer not too long ago, the business has grown and prospered without losing sight of the principles that got them this far and without becoming all ‘corporate’ and ‘big’.

The Squadron is more than just a data base for the marketing of their gear, too. It is not only informative but a good fun read as well - and sent regularly. Its special offers are a little different to those you may have come across and range from tours and dinners and the usual sort of things through to a chance to put your own stamp on the beer world with the opportunity to join in with beer development groups. Of course, competitions are held regularly for members only so that your loyalty is rewarded as well as your beer drinking bits. You know what I mean.

I will paste a link onto my screen, and hopefully you will be able to see it and then you can join up. Then I won’t feel so bad about being offered free beer. Perhaps I should remain completely independent and politely decline the very nice offer of some very nice beer? No, that would just be rude.

Oh, and for all my friends and pals and old chums across in the Lands Of Real Ale And Bitter and Ordinary Cricket Teams, I have a post coming up about the Barons invasion of the Great British Beer Festival coming up, so you don’t feel left out. And while you may not be able to stroll across for a beer dinner or a brewery tour, sign up for the Squadron anyway and tell ‘em the Beer Blokes sent ya!

If you can find the time to sign up now, you should be in time for the next newsletter which I am assured is a cracker.

... and seriously, you have to check out the Save the Males video. Funny stuff.
Join up http://www.baronsbrewing.com/ here. Not right here, back there a bit where the writing is all coloured in. That's it.

Prof. Pilsner


Anonymous said...

Just watched the Save the Males video...

Great little video.
Very funny, I thought, as I balance here at work on my swiss ball to ensure that my core and transverse abdominals don’t cave out on me from working at a desk….

Surely Baron’s are targeting the “I only drink caaaa-rrlton” with this promo.

One of my locals – the Royal Mail – has Baron’s Pale on tap… I’ll give it another go but I seem to recall not being too enthused last time I had it.

Of course maybe i wasn't that enthused because i knew i was breaking my "no carbs" wednesday rule...

i'll give it another chance. do they do a shandy?

Beer Blokes said...

Hmmm? I think we may be able to save you before it's too late. Take two beers and throw out of your bathroom cupboard anything that can be classified as 'product' and call me in the morning. By the way, how do drink beer on Wednesday and not drink carbs? That just sounds silly to me!

Prof. Pilsner

Anonymous said...

if i throw out the product, i will not be able to get my hair to point to all points on the compass.

i think i broke the No Carbs Wednesday rule on the basis of the cool looking beer runner that Baron's had on the Royal Mail's bar...
i wonder what Apple Mac program was used to design that bar runner...