Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Touched down but still on the runway

A relaxing and rewarding weeks break in Tasmania has been followed by another week where my duties were anything but relaxing and rewarding. The plane touched down long ago but it feels as though I am still taxiing round the runway. In circles. Straight back into work and the beginning of the silly season for restaurants and bars, plus a two day course over the weekend and a handful of other family commitments and it seems like we never had a holiday. Still, can’t complain.

While Tasmania is only 50 minutes away from home by plane it is as if it is another galaxy removed. A slower pace and more concerned with the journey than the destination, Tasmania just seems to be in permanent second gear. Unfortunately the car needed a few more as Tasmania is remarkably hilly. And maybe just a little ‘hill billy’ but I shouldn’t use the dregs we encountered in the mall at lunchtime as any general indicator.

As you will see from coming posts, I managed to meet up with some very lovely people who make some very lovely beer. Very, very lovely beer. More on these and others soon.

I will also post details of our accommodation as we found the most amazing ‘hidden gem’ of a place – that is to say that Mrs Pilsner found it – and as close to perfect as you could get.

My apologies for the delay in getting back into the swing of things although you can rest easy at night knowing that while my typing fingers have been on holiday, my beer drinking mouth has been working around the clock to bring you all some malt driven and hop flavoured stories from Tasmania. It’s not the arse end of the world, but you can see it from there.

Prof. Pilsner


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

I'm getting married next month and must choose between having either Becks or James Boag Premium as the wedding beer.

I cannot tell you what the food is but would appreciate a short summation of the pros and cons of either choice, bearing in mind that i cannot get half and half.

Thanks for your help.

Beer Blokes said...

Thanks for the opportunity to assist in the smooth running of your nuptials, Jason.

My thoughts would go along the lines of the two most important factors at play here;

1) The Beer Gods must be appeased and

2) The parents of the bride and groom must be appeased.

Remember also that the Beer Gods, while very important, are not contributing quite as much financial assistance to the event as the parents are.

Both beers are good beers. They are golden standard lagers and each has their own personality. Both also say something different about the person supplying them.

Beck's is stamped with the crisp, almost clinical precision of its German creator and says;

"You are my friends and I wish to convey to you all that we value your friendship. Sharing this day with you has great meaning to us and we wish for you to enjoy this day with us. We have not yet even opened your gift but we know it is nice and worthy of the trust that we have placed in you to not disappoint us. Our journey together begins today and we wish to mark this occasion with a beer of integrity and stature comensurate with the importance of this occasion."

Boag's Premium says exactly the same thing but is with the word 'mate' at the end while it's scratching it's balls.

Happy Wedding!!

Prof. Pilsner