Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beer Blokes in the High Country

A pretty hectic two weeks has just been capped off by a very nice (if very short) break in Mansfield in the Victorian High Country.

The Pilsner family managed to squeeze a three day getaway into the first slot of the school holidays after a week and a half of two-day and all-day training courses for me combined with extra nights at the Courthouse Restaurant. We must be doing something right out there as midweek nights are getting busier and busier which is difficult for me – I have to stand and serve and then watch as people drink more and more specialty beers and I can’t join them!

Mansfield is a small regional centre at the foot of the Victorian Alps (read; collection of small hill-like objects) about two and a half hours out of Melbourne. It is at the heart of the King Valley, a region that produces some very good wines, and has some fair historical significance.

It is also bloody cold in winter and trying to marshal the little Pilsners into cold weather gear when they just want to bolt around in fairy dresses and bare feet is, I guess, just a part of the rich tapestry that is family holidays.

Once I get my head back in the big city game – and unpack and wash the last of the many, many, many suitcases that seem to have grown out of the back of the Commodore over the three days, I will sit down with a beer and write up my various experiences.

Prof. Pilsner


Tim said...

Sounds like a good trip. BTW How did Dr Lager get on with his trip to teh UK a while back? I forgot all about it.

Beer Blokes said...

G'Day Tim
Dr Lager tells me that his trip was good but very hectic. Left at the mercy of the blokes at the UK end of his business he found himself being dragged around to every person's 'favourite' pub. He did mamnage to sample a few real ales though I suspect he ended up putting a fair dent in London and the North's stocks of imported fizzy yellow beer-like stuff!!


Mrs. Lager said...

Hi Tim - Mrs. Lager here,

I can tell you that Dr. Lager went to great effort one night to hold his laptop out of the London hotel window, specifically so he could show me live on Skype what the real London pub below looked like.

I've now virtually experienced a London pub!

He also took lots of videos of historical places, we really saw a new side of Dr. Lager / Mr. Hyde emerging!


Mrs Lager said...

Hope all the Pilsners enjoyed their time in the beautiful High Country!

Beer Blokes said...

G'Day Mrs Lager,

Indeed we did - must catch up to share beer and snow stories.