Friday, July 3, 2009

Festival of the Frothy

Just a quick plug for a beer trivia/tasting spectacular which is being held in Melbourne tomorrow (Saturday) night.

The Festival Of The Frothy promises to be a night of beery excellence as trivia is contested, shared entrees and dinner are eaten, brewers and beer people are met and ... beer is drunk.

Ormand Hall, Belgian Beer Cafe is the venue and the Funky Bunch Trivia guys will provide the information/entertainment side of things while brewers such as Bridge Road, Temple, Mountain Goat, Holgate, Hargreaves Hill and Trumer Pils will lay on the beers.

This is the first of (hopefully) many events of this kind.

A shame that it coincides with

The Local Taphouse Stars & Stripes SpecTapular,
Melbourne Storm taking on the Newcastle Knights at Olympic Park and
Me having to manage a full restaurant with a half page waiting list.

For those who can, get down to Ormand Hall, Belgian Beer Cafe
557 St Kilda Rd (Enter via Moubray St) at 7 o’clock on Saturday July 4.

Tom, I promise I will get my s%$t together for the next one and assemble a crack team from The Local Taphouse! Contenders - and pretenders, beware!!

Prof. Pilsner

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