Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Part Two Answers

6. The Duvel glass has a nice little Gothic font "D" etched into the bottom of the glass. Correct answer - D

7. The 2 brothers at 2 Brothers Brewery are Dave and Andrew. Cam & Dave are the Goat Guys, Brad and Ross are at Stone & Wood and Simon/Rob is Ale Star regular and top bloke, Simon, who Steve keeps calling Rob 12 months down the track. Answer B

8. In Elizabethan times, the Ale Conner (tester) would SIT ON THE BEER to test the quality. Too much sugar and the beer would stick to his leather britches. Answer D

9. The Munich Oktoberfest begins in September. A

10. In 1892 Sapporro brewed Japans first BLACK BEER. B

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