Monday, July 27, 2009

Trivia, Tats and a little teasing

Part Two – Trivia & Sign Language

A quick shout out to Justin-Paul and Anton, two Ale Stars regulars who are also readers of this blog. And very god blokes they are too. Although Anton and his unwavering support for the North Melbourne Kangaroos is, at times a little questionable! See above. I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank them for helping to get a laugh on the night.

Justin-Paul ‘signs’ for Anton and, as I’ve said here before, when Shandy is hosting, J-P has to translate from Scottish into English and then into Auslan. On Tuesday they were not only seated behind me, making it more difficult to lip-read, but they also had to cope with me throwing in made-up words like ‘perfuncturolate’ – just to see J-P bruise his hands trying to finger-spell it, then watch as Anton asked him to spell it again, then Justin from the Taphouse explaining that it was a made-up word! Thanks for your understanding guys.

Here is part two of Professor Pilsner’s Ale Stars Trivia Quiz. Simple multiple choice. Pick one.

Part Two – Multiple Choice

6.The specially designed Duvel glass has which letter etched into the bottom to assist with carbonation;

A) B
B) C
C) A or
D) D

7. The 2 Brothers who operate the 2 Brothers brewery are;

A) Brad & Ross
B) Dave & Andrew
C) Cam & Dave or
D) Simon & Rob

8. In Elizabethan times the quality of commercial beer was tested by;

A) Sniffing it
B) Sipping it
C) Swilling it or
D) Sitting on it

9. The Munich Oktoberfest begins in which month;

A) September
B) October
C) December or
D) March

10. In 1892 Sapporro brewed Japan’s first;

A) Lager
B) Black Beer
C) Rice Wine Beer
D) Dry style beer

The answers to these questions - but not to why I chose them! - coming up tomorrow as well as Part Three, Odd One Out. Good Luck!

Prof. Pilsner

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