Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beer Blokes London correspondent

Ale Star Gemma is off for a brief jaunt in The Old Dart which just happens to coincide with the GBBF – that’s The Great British Beer Festival for those who don’t speak fluent abbreviation – and has kindly offered to act as official (unpaid but greatly appreciated) Beer Bloke correspondent.

She told me that she could spare a couple of days to get to the event and convey all the ‘colour and oomph’ of what is said to be a great festival. An event of two distinct parts, the GBBF is part very good, varied, traditional, extreme and interesting beers and part freaky anorak wearing beardy-wierdies frightening small children and grown adults alike. So take care Gemma and steer clear of the Tickers.

Gemma promised to squeeze at least one day into her busy social schedule to get to the festival, so stay tuned for a ripping report – or two.

Prof . Pilsner

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Shandy said...

Oh god, that's going to be great. Gemma, if you're listening to this. You must look for the Thornbridge brewery and check out their Jaipur IPA. It's an English style IPA created and executed with US agression using a mixture including some NZ hops and has been getting great reviews. Also the Dark Star brewery from Brighton has been doing some interesting things recently. Oh and .... and ... and ... bleugh, toooooo excited to type any more. I'm jealous and happy for you all at the same time.