Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey, You hear that?

No, of course you can’t. This is a beer blog, not some sort of cyberspace powered hearing-things-that-I-can-hear internetty thingy! But, if it was ... you would hear ... nothing. As in a full blooded, high powered Sgt. Shultz style NUH-THING!!

This morning we drove Mrs Pilsner and our eldest off to the airport for their Big Bangkok adventure – three weeks in Thailand and Singapore visiting the wife’s’ best friend, shopping, visiting the daughters home stay student, shopping, beach bumming and shopping. Which leaves me here at home. With the silence.

Oh, and the four year old and the two year old.

For three weeks.

So, I’m not too sure what I can promise you in the way of intelligent, thoughtful, incisive and entertaining posts over the journey to come. Could be concise well thought out research. Could be witty observations of current beer events. Could be entertaining pieces concerning trends and styles in beer. Could be a distressingly chaotic ramble of blithering dribble. Can’t say.

Needless to say. So I won’t. Shit. It’s started already.

Tomorrow I will endeavour to explore the subtle nuances which separate the respective educational merits of Dora the Explorer and Bear in the Big Blue House. Also, who is hotter; Charlie from the Australian Hi-5 or the Charlie chick from Canada Hi-5 or the chick from Play School who used to be on A Country Practice.


Prof. Pilsner

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