Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laundry and Beer

You may recall, from previous posts, that there have been some renovations and relocations going on around the Casa Del Pilsner in recent times. We completed a major extension around six years ago and since then we have slowly but surely fiddled and fixed and generally improved the living standard by sorting junk, replacing furniture and adding storage solutions.

Some nice ‘Prof. Pilsner Design’ custom made pieces finished in solid Victorian Ash and Redgum, Tasmanian Oak and West Australian Jarrah have solved the problems of knick-knack-and-whatnot storage as well as keeping the kids’ toys and games hidden away. A large coffee table with a glass top and display drawers beneath contains all my beer memorabilia and souvenirs; and some more whatnot. The last major piece in the puzzle was the laundry.

Until last weekend, our laundry consisted of a an old white reclaimed timber table in a corner, which had turned into a junk storage place, coupled with a series of boxes and bins and recycling baskets and a smattering of brushes, brooms and buckets to round out the ‘New Modern Carefully Assembled Shite’ look that we had tried so hard to perfect. I had a plan for the area and, along with Mrs Pilsners’ Uncle Bob, we came up with a full makeover type of thing that would not have been out of place in a show on the ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘How To’ Channel. It was carefully designed to fit in around the existing appliances and made best possible use of the space for storage and accessibility. It featured a tall broom cupboard area cleverly divided and shelved.

“Hey, Professor!’ I hear you shout, ‘what’s all this got to do with BEER!?!” Well, I’m glad you asked. Surprised it took this long, actually. Well, as it happened, Bob was around with his trusty assistant and son, Sam, and we were assembling and fitting and levelling and plumbing and whatnot and I grabbed my tape measure quietly while I thought Mrs Pilsner was otherwise distracted. She was not.

“Did you just measure the width of a beer bottle?!!!”

‘Who, Dear, me Dear, measure, dear, no, Dear.”

“You Bloody well DID!!”

‘Oh .... MEASURE it? uhmmmmm ... a bit, yes.’

“Did you design all those marvellous little shelves to fit beer bottles in?”

‘Im sure I mentioned it when we were discussing the design. Didn’t I?’

“You bloody well did NOT!”

As I write this, I am still in the process of explaining how a set of shelves which are just perfectly wide enough to store three stubbies across, in a cupboard deep enough to sit ten rows back, was merely coincidental and a pleasant, yet unexpected, by-product of the building process.

I am not finding the task particularly successful.

The beers are all still there, but. And here’s a picture.
The picture shows an apparently normal, well designed laundry cupboard system, doesn't it?Now, open the tall narrow door on the left. Go on !

That's right, it's six
shelves of thirty
stubbies each !!!

Prof. Pilsner.

P.S. Have a crack at designing your own beer furniture; it’s fun!

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