Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beer Quiz – Subtraction

For those of you who attempted to solve the first beer quiz challenge a couple of weeks ago, here is a follow up teaser for you. You have forty five minutes and extra paper is available upon request. Please print answer neatly and don’t spill any beer.

A boy has a fridge at his home. His lady is away for three weeks. On day one he goes out and visits a particularly fine merchant who specialises in independent craft brews. He purchases 10 nice beers and takes them home. The next day he visits another outlet of the same fine beer merchant and purchases six more nice beers. On his way home he passes a different but equally fine beer merchant who also specialises in fine hand crafted beers. He purchases twelve very nice beers. The boy already had eight very nice beers in the fridge from previous visits as well as nine very nice beers in the ‘beer crisper’.

Question; If it is now day twenty and the boy’s lady is due home from overseas the following day, and the boy has been at home looking after the two pre-schoolers for three weeks, how many beers does he have left?

Is it;

(A) Plenty,
(B) Not Many,
(C) Greater than or equal to the amount of food left, or
(D) Off to the Fine Beer Merchant I go?

Answer; See Below.

Tomorrow I'll let you know what nice beers I have bought.


Prof. Pilsner


Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about the type of impression you are leaving on the young'uns Professor Pilsner.

A fridge devoid of beers sets not only a bad example but suggests to the little Pils that planning (and sneaky emergency beers in fridge) is non essential.

Tut. Tut.

Beer Blokes said...

Dr Aylett,
Appreciate your concern and direct your attention to post about 'sneaky laundry beer hiding furniture supplies'. Also, never underestimate the educational value of a pre-schooler road trip to a fine beer merchant. "Who can count all the beers that have animals on the label, kiddies?" "How many lagers can Daddy fit into this basket?" That sort of thing.

Prof. Pilsner