Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ale Stars for Pale Stars

A quick reminder to anyone lurking about in Melbourne on Tuesday January 20, in the East St Kilda area, looking to enjoy some fine company, beery banter and some pale Lagers that Ale Stars is coming up.

I guess if this is our first departure from Ales, we may need to create a new sub-category – Lager Legends Sub Branch?

Steve, I’ve recruited a few new faces for this one so we may need some extra comfy chairs. An excellent night is promised and Steve and Shandy may be ready to reveal some new Ale Stars innovations. That is if they have actually done something about it rather than sitting around drinking lots and talking lots. Hmmm?

Ale Stars kicks off roughly seven(ish) but, if you can’t wait till then, we’ll see you on the terrae for a couple of sneaky upstairs beers beforehand.

Book online through the Local Taphouse blog at the right of this blog. That’s the left hand side if you are dyslexic. And, for those of you who are colour blind, it’s the one in the purple print.

Prof. Pilsner


Anonymous said...

Great news Prof. Can you email me your contact numbers to steve @

Anonymous said...

I love sneaky beers

Anonymous said...

Great 'show n tell' last night Prof - really enjoyed the nudie mag you sent around! In all seriousness, it was really interesting to hear you speak so thanks for kicking it off!