Friday, January 16, 2009

It's just cricket

In some previous posts I have spoken of a joyful youth and the pastimes therein, some of the more memorable being days spent at the MCG with Dr Lager in the (in)famous Bay 13 lapping up the sun, the lagers and the boobies in the frying sun. Fun times, fun times.

Tonight Dr Lager and I return to the ‘G together for the first time since those heady, beer soaked, boobie- laden golden days to watch a cricket match again. The beer will still flow and the cricket will again entertain us but I fear that the only boobies we will encounter will be contained in the good natured banter and playful ribbing of some of Melbourne’s high society business movers and/or shakers. They will be more along the lines of Lost in Spaces’ Dr Smiths’ “Bubble-headed booby!!” kind of thing. We’re dining in the MCC Members Pavilion, What!!

Thanks to a friend in Cricket Victoria, Dr Lager has procured two Willy Wonka-esque Golden Tickets to the MCC Reserve for the One Day International between Australia and South Africa and the Prof and the Doc shall be ‘living it large’ and enjoying some lunch, dinner and supper with some lovely seating arrangements overlooking the great unwashed. Of which we used to be two,too.

One hundred overs of quality international cricket, table service and complimentary bar facilities – I think we’ll cope. Not sure wether we’ll have the opportunity to start an ice fight or a Mexican wave, though. It was pretty funny last time around so it might be worth a try.

And for anyone reading this who may be there tonight and would seek to spot us in amongst the well-heeled crowd, we’ll be the ones drinking well and looking more than slightly uncomfortable in our suits and ties.

Wish us – and the MCC – all the best. Review to follow.

Prof. Pilsner

PS - In a deliciously beer Karma-like symmetery, this is post number 222! That's ty-ew, ty-ew, ty-ew, Richie.

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