Monday, January 12, 2009

People who really should have a beer – 02

PETA. You’ve probably heard of these folk? People for the ethical treatment of animals? Nice, reasonable, pleasant group of people who campaign for better treatment of animals.


You’ll get no argument from me when it comes to the importance of being nice to each other and caring for our environment and not doing any harm to anyone or anything. But honestly, some just take the theme too far and themselves too seriously. PETA has made a name for themselves by radical activism to make a point that some of the worlds’ farming practices are not ideal for the animals concerned and have made their point with various means. Some of their points are valid and some of their actions acceptable.

But this is just silly. Fishing is cruel, apparently. I myself have sat in a boat in the hot sun for hours and not got a nibble – but I don’t think that’s the cruelty they mean. PETA this week came out and said that even the word ‘fish’ has nasty connotations. The word fish makes people think about ‘slimy’ and ‘fishy’ and ‘ugly’ and this masks the fact that fishing of any kind is inhumane and painful and hurts the poor fishies. Solution? Don’t call them fish anymore, let’s call them (wait for it) “Sea Kittens” (I’m not making this up) and then evil fish eating people will think twice before perpetrating this brutal, evil and ancient art. (Did I mention I’m not making this up?)

PETA people, welcome to the Beer Blokes List of People Who Really Should Have a Beer. Or join my PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals.

Prof. Pilsner
...and, here you go PETA people, here's a nice 'Sea Kitten' for you to swim with!


Anonymous said...

The phrase Sea Kitten should only be used when describing the likes of Diana Rigg, Ursula Andress or Halle Berry.

You know it makes sense.

Beer Blokes said...

Thanks Sammy,
Love the lamb ads, by the way. I would add Barbara Bach and early Elle McPherson way back in the Tab Cola ad to that list.


Unknown said...

Sea Kittens, you must be making that up!

People Eating Tasty Animals - this I really like. I actually sponsor a vegetarian, for every animal she doesn't eat, I eat two. It's a tough gig but someone's gotta save the farmers.