Friday, January 23, 2009

What’s in the fridge this week?

I am acting on a request, from a drinking mate and regular reader of this rubbish, to throw a post your way every so often which will allow readers to take a peek into the Professor’s fridge and the sacred Beer Crisper that lies within to see what’s going into the glass. I’ll try to make it as fun and frivolous as possible and comments, queries and suggestions are all welcome.

It will be interesting to see if I can go out to buy beer without this new endeavour influencing my choice. Probably not, it’s the wallet and the missus who tend to have the most say in that department.

Prof. Pilsner


Unknown said...

Looking forward to this one.

Since you haven't told us what's actually in your fridge yet, I'll tell you what's in my Kegorator.

I found out last night that I can fit three kegs in there, the third goes on the back shelf and is held in by the front two, which is perfect for gassing a new one while still having two available to drink.. the back pressure seems enough to pour about 6 schooners anyway.

Keg 1, Tap 1
1 can Coopers European Premium Lager
1 can Coopers Light Malt
1 bag Hallertau hops
1 sachet Premium Euro Yeast

Keg 2, Tap 2
1 can Black Rock Apple Cider
1 sachet included yeast
500g white sugar
4 x Golden Delicious Batlow Apples - cored, steeped for 10 mins, mashed, then strained
500g Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

Keg 3, Gassing
1 can Black Rock Pilsener Blonde
1 can Coopers light malt
1 sachet included yeast

Beer Blokes said...

All sounds too good! I have been wanting to do a honey beer but I'll need to look into the whole sterilising situation - I've read somewhere that some kinds of honey give beer a funkiness that is not nice. Let us know what the cider tastes like.


Anonymous said...

Moses, what type of yeast do you use for the cider? Is it wine yeast? I've just collected a heap of apples that fell off our tree due to strong winds so I'll be attempting a cider soon.

G'day professor.. Haven't been around here for a while but you've always been in my bookmarks. Good to see the sites still going.

Anonymous said...

As for my fridge, I have a case and a half of VB, half a dozen Cooper's Bavarian lagers brewed last year and a semi devoured cooked chook. Next to the fridge is ingredients for a Cooper's Real Ale which I'll start brewing tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Zak, I just used the Black Rock Apple Cider kit, had a yeast included.

BB, a honey beer would be nice. I read that funkiness is from Eucalypy honeys, so avoided that on the ingreedients. I reckon I used too much honey though, next time will halve it to 250g.

The cider is not terrible, it's for the wife and she keeps asking for them so I guess it's alright. Initially it was very ordinary, stuck the keg under the house for another month and gave it almost double the carbonatoin I give beer and now it's quite drinkable, for a first attempt. Is one million times better on ice though...

hard luck in the T20 tongiht, I went to the match.. absolute classic of a game.

Beer Blokes said...

G'Day lads,
Zak, good to hear from you - I keep thinking that I must post more about the homebrewing but just haven't had the inspiration of late. And as for your fridge, it seems you have all the major food groups covered there - I'm assuming that the pantry has the others - things to make nachos and stuff with?

Spot on about the eucalypt honey - that was the issue I was thinking of. I'm pretty sure that most cider yeasts are a 'wine style' although I think that for a more true-brewed taste you can use a standard yeast as well.

I had to work last night so didn't catch the game til I got home. Cracker - wouldv'e been twice as good to (a) be thee and (b) be a Cockroach! Now we just need to make sure that both of us perform in India (you India basher!) and show the curry munchers how to play the game of "Shutty-eye-ee Hittee-hardee"!

By the way, how did that young NSW local born and bred and trained lad go? Mc-Something ... Brendan? I think?

Oh, I just realised ... both you blokes are Manly supporters? Hmmm. Might have to think about putting a padlock on the blog!! ;)

Prof. Pilsner