Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And they say I’m a Beer Snob - Part Two.

Further to my story of the VB Drinkers’ Lament, today’s paper featured a decent write up on the VB change. It followed on from the slab-loads of letters to the editor pissing and moaning that VB had lost the taste that had made it “the best cold beer for a hard earned thirst” in so many successful ad campaigns. And here’s a picture;

With some words ...

Forty years a loyal VB quaffer, Geelong pensioner John Carvill reckons his beloved beer "doesn't have any bite" any more. He now drinks Toohey’s Extra Dry.
"I tolerated the first change (when the alcohol content was reduced by 0.1 per cent three years ago), but they shouldn't have fiddled again," he said.

A few comments, if I may.

1) No Bite? And you’re happy to switch to a double filtered ‘dry’ style beer? Couldn’t afford Carlton Cold? Dickhead.

2) This bloke is pictured emptying a stubby of clear liquid. Either CUB has well and truly watered down VB, or this peanut didn’t even have the plums to waste a bottle of actual, real beer. Dickhead.

3) He ‘tolerated’ the first change – if by ‘tolerated’ he means ‘failed to notice’. There is more than a fair chance that he drank twelve slabs of the new stuff before CUB publicised the ABV change the first time around. Double Dickhead.

Check out the full story, it’s a laugh. Some of these ‘career VB drinkers’ need to swap there beer for a cup of cement and harden the f@#k up!

Prof. Pilsner


Damien said...

My personal favourite quote: "It tastes like a yuppie beer.". hehe. Hard to know where to start with that comment. :)

Beer Blokes said...

Yeah, I thought that one of the most hilarious coments I've EVER heard regarding VB. Don't know what sort of "yuppie beers" this arse-hat has ever tasted, but I can't help thinking that if you gave him something like a Hargreaves Hill ESB, Mountain Goat Hightail or a Bridge Road Pale Ale, he'd either instantaneously selfcombust from flavour overload, or he'd fall to the ground wailing saying "FORGIVE ME!! I have sinned and I now see the light!!"


Anonymous said...

Good post Prof. Although, let's face it, Fosters and Lion Nathan (now Kirin) only have themselves to blame for this sort of hysterical reaction. They have spent generations trying to differentiate almost identical products through advertising and creating a brand identity and brand loyalty. By creating a breed of mindless brand adherents they will always suffer when they change that brand...

So far as the bloke switching to Tooheys Extra Dry for more 'bite'...he's obviously not talking about flavour here, but alcohol...TED isn't exactly a step up in the flavour stakes!