Thursday, October 22, 2009

MoVem-Beer is coming

Newer members of the Beer Blokes family may not be aware of the annual on-line Beer Fest that is MoVem-Beer, a special time of the year for very special people.

Specifically it is for blokes who LOVE a beer, LOVE supporting worthwhile charitable causes but, quite frankly, do not look very good at all when they grow a moustache. In fact, for blokes who look positively dodgy/evil/game show host-y when they incur any sort of facial hair – have I got some good news for you!

MoVem-Beer is simple. Based on the very popular and successful fundraising exercise, Movember, which raises money through the sponsorship of blokes growing a moustache during November, our version involves simply drinking beer. Much easier. But not just any beer, no – you need to work a bit here.

The beers you choose for MoVem-Beer must fit into the ‘MO’ theme and long-time readers will know that, over the past three years I have managed to very roughly squeeze just about every beer I drink into the ‘MO’ criteria. Some simple examples will include standards like MOosehead, MOuntain Goat, Birra MOretti, MOo Brew ... you get the picture?

But, by using a bit of imagination and a touch of Beer Blokery, you can make any beer fit. Previous examples have included Red Hill Golden Ale (MOrnington Peninsula), a six pack of Outback beers (Multiple Outbacks) and some Chimay, Orval and Westmalle Tripel (MOnastery Beers).

The next part of the deal is that you work out how much you’ve spent on your MoVem-Beer beers and donate that to the Men’s Health initiatives operating during Movember. If you still want to go ahead and grow a Mo, send us a link to your Movember page and we’ll see if we can drum up some dollars for you there, as well.

And, Girls, Ladies and Blokettes, I haven’t forgotten you. In a few months time we’ll be back bigger and better with the return of Fanuary.


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