Thursday, October 22, 2009

Victorian Microbreweries Showcase 2009

At the end of this month Melbourne’s Federation Square will again host the microbreweries showcase. While it is probably time to re-vamp the name to reflect that the showcase is all about quality craft beer and not the size of the operation producing it, the event is well worth supporting.

For $25 and a $2 glass deposit, lovers of decent beer can get a tasting ticket for twenty 60ml samples and a $5 food voucher which will allow you to try beers from around 18 brewers from around the state. It is also a great opportunity to speak to the people crafting these beers and ask them how and why they do it – or you could just let them know that you love what they do and give them a thrill that way! In addition, and don’t tell anyone that I told you this, you can help to support your favourite brewer in a sneaky way.

If you can’t finish all your tasting tickets, don’t chuck the leftovers in the bin. ‘Donate’ them to the brewer of your choice. The brewers receive a small commission for each ticket ‘spent’ at their display (not that it’s enough to pay for the petrol home in most cases) and every little bit counts.

Perhaps more valuable is the People’s Choice for best beer in each category. This forms part of a media release which provides a great piece of advertising and brand recognition for these blokes who are working hard pumping out decent beers for us so the least we can do is fill out a few responses for the beers that really sing to you.

The Victorian Microbreweries Showcase at The Atrium at Federation Square (Flinders Street end towards the MCG) is on Wednesday and Thursday October 28th and 29th. It kicks off at 4.30 and they kick you out about 8.

Prof. Pilsner

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