Friday, October 23, 2009

Beer Degustation at The Max

Melbourne Cup Week is just a terrific block on the calendar for anyone living in or visiting Melbourne. There are no tribal divisions, team colours or any ‘us and them’ attitudes, its all just a buzz around the traps that give the town a community feel.

It’s a special time for the Beer Blokes as it was the winnings from our Cup Syndicate three years ago that paid for the brewing equipment that produced our homebrew and led to the creation of this blog, so, you know, well done us, eh?

Now if you think you will probably win a stack of cash on a horse you chose in this year’s Cup because of the jockey’s colours or because your wife told you the name reminded her of something then you too can put your earnings to good use. And why wait until AFTER the race is won, if you’re so confident? Get out on the town on Cup Eve and spoil yourselves.

The Hotel Max is hosting a Bridge Road Brewers Beer Degustation dinner on Monday November 2nd. Seven beers and six courses plus nibbles on arrival will greet diners who want a real dining experience rather than just a meal. The menu is available up front so that you can decide which course you’ll most look forward to and the matching beers are listed as well. The Max itself has a nice website as well so you can get a feel for what they do. I should disclose that I have no connection with the dinner or the Max, it’s just something I received an e-mail about and am planning on doing myself, so don’t book in and then complain that you don’t get me hosting it!

The Hotel Max is at 32 Commercial Rd Prahran.

Prof. Pilsner

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